Saturday, November 1, 2008

GPS Something for Everyone

GPS Something for Everyone
By []Steven Wagner

In this day and age traveling by map is getting to the point where the
glove box is full of them and folding them back into there proper
position is a pain. Plus the majority of people I know can't even read

This is where the high-tech GPS units come in today's life. There are
more than 24 GPS satelites that orbit around Earth that put out timing
signals by radio. This allows any GPS unit to accuratly determine its
Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, time and speed anywhere on Earth.

The GPS wasn't available to civilians until recently. It was
originally named NAVSTAR GPS and was developed by the United States Department of
Defense which launched the first experimental satalite in 1978.

Today the GPS is accurate to as close as a 1ft. making navigating to
an exact point easy. With todays GPS units available for Vehicles, Boats,
Planes, Helicoptors, Bicycles and portable Handhelds you can go anywhere
in the world with one.

There are many different uses for GPS systems. I mainly use one for
boat navigation. Traveling 50-100 miles offshore with just a compass
can get downright scary once you look back and land is nowhere to be
seen. A friend of mine is a hunter and he likes to walk upto 5 miles
into the forest. Without a GPS he'd never get back to his truck. My
wife has one in her car, she puts in an address and it will give you
the best directions to that address. It even tells her when she's passed
her turn and recalculates a new direction to get her where she needs to
go. It is truely a wonderful thing to have and can help the direction
illiterate's get anywhere they need to go like the inlaws that are coming for the Holidays.

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